Process Equipment

The ability to program, control and monitor the mixing process provides for excellent batch-to-batch uniformity. All mixing equipment surfaces are stainless steel and are easily cleaned. Development pilot mixers provide small quantity batches that are directly scalable to our production mixing units.

Our custom-designed packaging equipment uses highly accurate scales and semi-automatic systems. This provides repeatability for in-process weights as well as finished products. All finished product packages are weight-checked and data is recorded to insure compliance with customer specifications. All finished products can be provided in a variety of compound- inclusive bags (see image to the left below) or other customer-specified packaging. Returnable containers (see image to the right below) eliminate the waste and cost of disposal of corrugated boxes and wooden pallets.

  • Our automated packaging equipment offers a tighter range of bag weight, typically below the 1% range.
  • Our automated oil addition system is accurate to within 0.50 lb (0.1%) per batch.
  • Our compounding scales are accurate to within 0.01 lb.
  • The histogram (see top right image) is from a typical production run utilizing all automated systems.
  • Resulting Cpks are greater than 1.33, indicating tight process control.