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Chem Technologies Expanding in 2016


As is tradition, Chem Technologies led by Jim Schill, chief executive officer, Randy Vancura, chief operating officer; Donna Decker, vice president of customer relations and purchasing and Kevin Cohill, vice president of sales and marketing; treated their approximately 90 employees to a Christmas luncheon this past December. Each year at this event, Schill and Vancura inform staff of business status and reward all with sizable bonus checks.

“At this time last year, we were forecasting a substantial improvement over a recordbreaking 2014,” said Schill as he addressed his employees, “but it ended up being just slightly better than last year.” Not because of loss of customers, in-fact we picked up a few, but because of the overall slump in the rubber market, due mainly to low petroleum prices. People don’t comprehend that low oil prices aren’t always good for everybody,” Schill went on. “It affects suppliers, industries and so forth.” In spite of unmet expectations, “You should be happy with your checks,” he told them. “They are as good as or better than last year, possibly the best in Geauga County.

The Chem Tech calculation formula for bonuses is based on hours worked, supervisor’s evaluation and performance. This formula is applied to one-third of corporate net profit, the other two-thirds of profit go to investors and reinvestment. Chem Tech continues to pay 100 percent of health care premiums for all employees. “The highlight of this year was the construction of Plant 2,” said Schill.

The new 36,000 square foot facility is now in operation on 13 acres proximate to the existing head office and facility on the east end of Middlefield. The original plant has seven mixing lines, and the first phase of Plant 2 will house lines eight and nine. Phase two of the planned seven will attach to phase one and is currently under construction. When all seven phases are finished, the facility will cover more than a quarter million square feet and employ potentially an additional 250 employees. “This facility is state-of-the-art,” said Vancura following the gathering. By building ahead and being prepared for customer needs, Chem Tech is primed as the custom mixer for a demanding market. “We have the flexibility to run something pharmaceutical one minute, and an industrial compound in the next,” commented Vancura.

Features of this facility include two side-by-side shower rooms suppling instant hot water providing showers for an entire shift. “We wanted to be inside the Middlefield Village boundaries,” said Vancura, “for economical access to water, sanitary and natural gas.”

More than a year ago, Village officials, spearheaded by Mayor Ben Garlich, worked out an amenable agreement with the Township and the local school district to annex land into the Village thereby accommodating the expansion needs of Chem Tech.

The structure is striking, with an attractively lit exterior and mirrored windows encased in an appealing brick. Employees enjoy the comforts of a large lunch/break room and well-lit, large, clean work areas.

“I am optimistic about this coming year,” said Vancura. “With our new business opportunities and this new facility we have the ability to grow substantially!” To learn more about Chem Tech, and for contact information, visit www.