Technical Papers

The following Documents are available for download in PDF format:

CTR-02001 Bag Weight Consistency
CTR-03001 Advantages of Dispersions
CTR-03002 The Addition of Oil to Dry Powder Blends
CTR-04002 4E Cure Systems - Dispersions for Environmental and Safety
CTR-05001 Cost Effective TDEC Replacements
CTR-06001 Advancure™ Low Cost Curative for Vamac
CTR-06002 Insoluble Sulfur Bead Dispersion
CTR-09001 Advancure™ with DOTG Replacements
Chem Technologies 2023 ISO 9001-2015 Certificate
Single Ingredient Dispersion List

The following DOCUMENTS are available in print or electronic copy by request:

CTR-03003 Dispersion Value Analysis Calculator request document  
CTR-04003 Incorporation of Dispersions into Rubber

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